About Intuitive

Integrity, Execution, and Performance have been the three guiding principles of our business since our founding in 2005. These principles have allowed Intuitive to profitably grow our client and distribution partnerships nationally. Our goal is not to be the biggest at what we do, but to be the best.

Intuitive works through independent insurance agents and brokers to design, build, and manage private insurance companies (captives) for large privately held and publicly traded companies. These privately held insurance companies are an alternative way to finance risk, which helps businesses achieve a greater level of financial security and stability.

Our mission is to help you, the business owner, make more money by forming and managing your own captive insurance company. We accomplish this mission through:

  1. Underwriting - We are first and foremost underwriters. As your underwriting manager, we identify, price, select and manage risk to ensure that your captive is both profitable and sustainable.
  2. Education - We are a lifelong learning organization that shares knowledge with our clients and business partners.
  3. Simplification - Where there is complexity, there is opportunity, and we make this complexity comprehendable and opportunity visible.
  4. Coordination - We work together with you, your insurance, accounting, investment advisory, legal, and banking professionals to maximize the value of your captive insurance company.
  5. Compliance - Our role as a Captive Manager is to ensure your insurance company is compliant with federal, state, and contractual obligations.
  6. Relationships - People and our relationships with them are the color of life. We approach each with optimism and a great deal of candor.

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