What We Do

We help large companies optimize what insurance they purchase and how it is purchased in the commercial insurance market vs. their owned captive insurance company.

Think of it as a commercial HSA or 401K, where money is paid for a legitimate insurance coverage in a separate functioning insurance company. The captive provides broader coverage, stable premiums and allows you to proactively manage the cost of risk over time.

Two major benefits of owning a captive insurance company are:

  1. Reduced expenses - Commercial insurer’s overhead expenses average around 30 cents of every $1 of premium, whereas a captive insurance company will average 7 cents of every dollar. This allows you to allocate more dollars to loss or profits, as opposed to advertising, administration, etc.
  2. Captive insurance companies capture and retain underwriting income and earn investment income. Underwriting income is insurance premiums, less operating expenses and claims paid.

Do you want to own the insurance company, or do you want to rent from the commercial insurance market?

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